Our Moto 'Safety for Human' is a reference to our most important concern, safety.

We investigate new thechnologies and recommend them when they make sense, are practical and effective to our clients.

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Established and registered in 2014 with its main office located in Dhaka, Bangladesh under the license of Dhaka City Corporation & Member of Entrepreneur Association. YDDN has been providing support and services to major industries and has actively worked with Elevator Companies, Government Tenders, and Import-Export for Private Clients, Corporate & Real Estate companies in over the past decade. Over the years YDDN Bangladesh has accumulated a strong and healthy market connections in both Domestic and International Markets.

Delivering exceptional customer service by ensuring timely and precise product delivery, with zero tolerance for errors. We commit to providing outstanding after-sales support and efficient distribution of spare parts.

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YDDN Bangladesh

The Indispensability of Elevators

The rapid pace of urbanization led to the vertical expansion of our cities, the high-rise buildings were made possible by elevators, such innovation played a critical role in optimizing limited urban space. Elevators have seamlessly integrated themselves into the very essence of our daily routines. Beyond convenience, vertical transport systems have become a silent symbolism of progress, significantly improving efficiency, inclusivity, and optimization.

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YDDN Global

YDDN Global has Experienced Expertise in Import-Export, Manufacturing & Supply.

YDDN Global is an Import-Export, Manufacturing & Supply Registered Company in Bangladesh Government EGP with active participation in National & International Tenders. YDDN is a trader of Building Materials, Ready-Made Garments, Artistic Handy-Crafts, Cleaning Chemicals, Agricultural Machinery, Industrial Machinery, Frozen Food, Packaged Food, Agricultural Commodities, Oils, Dairy Products, Spices and Herbs.

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YDDN Union

Importing transport, machinery, electronic equipment & sourcing various goods.

YDDN Union is a registered Import & Supply entity under the jurisdiction of the Bangladeshi Government EGP, actively engaged in both national and international tender processes. Our expertise lies in importing Vertical Transport, Agricultural Machinery, Industrial Machinery, Construction Machinery, Electrical & Electronic Equipment, and sourcing various goods through indenting from a diverse range of global suppliers.

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Government Tender

Trusted partner for government projects, delivering quality services.

YDDN is an member in the sector of Government Tenders in Bangladesh for local and international operations, actively engaging in bids and contracts that contribute to the nation's development. With a commitment to excellence and efficiency, YDDN has established itself as a trusted partner for government projects, delivering quality services and solutions that meet the highest standards.

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ISO & EU Certificate

Only world recognized ISO & EU certificate captured products are selected and imported as per the customers demand, so you can trust us with eyes closed if there is a business in between we people.

Enthusiasm & Commitment

We love what we do and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on. Put simply, if you want a partner who cares about your business, choose us.

24/7 Active

We have trained technical teams who are 24/7 active.Our technical crew is at your service 24 hours round the clock and we ensure lifetime service and maintenance.


our Certification

Our Products are curated from world recognized ISO & EU, Russia and China Certification compliant brands.