About YDDN Global

YDDN Global is an Import-Export, Manufacturing & Supply Registered Company in Bangladesh Government EGP with active participation in National & International Tenders. YDDN is a trader of Building Materials, Ready-Made Garments, Artistic Handy-Crafts, Cleaning Chemicals, Agricultural Machinery, Industrial Machinery, Frozen Food, Packaged Food, Agricultural Commodities, Oils, Dairy Products, Spices and Herbs.

YDDN RMG has Experienced Expertise in

Printed Tees, Full/Half Shirts, Full/Half Pants, Trousers, Jeans, Sweaters, Cardigans made with Export quality Cotton, Jersey, Polyester, Linen, Muslin, Satin, Spandex, Velvet, Viscose, Ribbed and Cordier materials.


Our Export-Import Services promise and provide flexibility to adapt to the needs of our clients. Items are sourced from our extensive range of suppliers around the globe. YDDN follows quality of Standards and Clarification of products. Each product is purchased/sold by following Quality Standard Council protocols who regulate the product manufacturing and processing. Certification of quality is given by BGD & International organizations.

24/7 Active

Our technical crew is at your service round the clock, and we ensure lifetime service and maintenance packages with client support and guidelines.