However as the 7th most dense county in the world (August 2017 Survey Report) and the jam-packed pattern in the structural system, we encountered projects where the requirement of bigger space for moving parts were an issue, and much needed projects had to abandon the idea of vertical transport, we came up with a solution by introducing an Eco-friendly Elevator System that allowed us to set up a fully functional elevators without a Machine Room and set to make it available to our clients. Our goal to spread MRL system was a successful assignment, our clients quickly picked up on the energy efficient Elevator & Machine Room Less (MRL) system, helping to balance the building’s architectural design and eliminating the requirement of a dedicated machine room that we see traditionally. Under the consideration of the load-shedding method across the country, it used to be a common occurrence for users to be trapped inside and be locked inside the cabin for hours until professional help arrived, the introduction of  the ARD (Automated Rescue Device) technology significantly improved user-friendly operations and safety for our elevators by allowing YDDN users to be never trapped inside the elevator regardless of any circumstance, these small steps helped us achieve high technology along with advancement in our technical department as a byproduct. Our installation & service that began in Dhaka began to spread across the country, expanding our network and services further to locations exceeding our goals.

The Indispensability of Elevators

The rapid pace of urbanization led to the vertical expansion of our cities, the high-rise buildings were made possible by elevators, such innovation played a critical role in optimizing limited urban space. Elevators have seamlessly integrated themselves into the very essence of our daily routines. Beyond convenience, vertical transport systems have become a silent symbolism of progress, significantly improving efficiency, inclusivity, and optimization.