Trust Trade international which Generator Brand name is TTI Power. TTI Power is government tender and supply and trading generator business with service. A quality generator is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can have to prepare for a disaster, help you get through projects in your yard, or keep your campsite powered.

Diesel Generator

Diesel generators are an alternative, reliable source of voltage power often used by homes and businesses. Diesel generators produce electricity by using an alternator and a diesel engine. The engine uses diesel fuel to operate. Diesel generating sets are used in places without connection to a power grid, or as emergency power-supply if the grid fails, as well as for more complex applications such as peak-lopping, grid support and export to the power grid.


Diesel powered generators can go at a minimum of 15,000 hours and upwards to 50,000 hours before they require servicing — so long as they are exercised and well-maintained. That's a pretty good range. And at 4 hours a day, it will take 14 years before you reach 20,000 hours. Diesel generators convert some of the chemical energy, contained by the diesel fuel, to mechanical energy through combustion. This mechanical energy then rotates a crank to produce electricity. Electric charges are induced in the wire by moving it through a magnetic field.

Gas Generator

A gas generator is a device for generating gas. A gas generator may create gas by a chemical reaction or from a solid or liquid source, when storing a pressurized gas is undesirable or impractical. The term often refers to a device that uses a rocket propellant to generate large quantities of gas. The gas is typically used to drive a turbine rather than to provide thrust as in a rocket engine. Gas generators of this type are used to power turbopumps in rocket engines, and are used by some auxiliary power units to power electrical generators and hydraulic pumps.
Most portable generators will run on gasoline out of convenience. A standard 5,000 watt generator will consume around 18 gallons of gasoline during a 1 day/24 hour period. These are the most efficient gasoline generators. Usually one tank a fuel, which may only be 1-2 gallons, will last 8-10 hours. Powering the new unit is a 25.8 L, 12-cylinder Generac engine that is turbocharged and aftercooled, producing a standby power rating of 500kW and prime power rating of 450kW. Previously, the largest nat-gas generator set Generac offered was standby rated at 400kW.

Dual-Fuel Generator

Whatever your reason for buying a generator, there are important considerations to make. While any generator will benefit your home, a dual fuel generator is hard to beat when it comes to getting continuous power. Dual fuel generators run on either propane or gasoline and can be used to power just about anything, from heating systems to air conditioners. If you are living off the grid, having a dual fuel portable generator allows you to savor the wild without giving up your modern amenities. Based on research, we have created a list with the best dual fuel generators in the market today. Read our dual fuel generator reviews so you can find the best dual generator at your price and power range.


One of the main problems with typical generators is that gasoline is expensive and hard to store. Worse, in an emergency, you won’t want to be waiting around in gas lines just to fire up your generator.
That’s where dual fuel generators come in. These extremely versatile generators are able to run on either gasoline or propane – so you have a choice of what fuel to on hand depending on what works best for you.